For Sale By Owner Alexandria Va

For Sale By Owner Alexandria Va

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House for sale by owner sign in front yardThe For Sale By Owner Alexandria VA market offers homeowners opportunities to make the sale themselves. The big advantage is that selling the home without a realtor saves costs in promoting the property and avoids homeowners having to pay the standard 6 percent commission if they list the home with a real estate agent. Here are some things to consider to get the interest of investors and avoid all the other costs.


Industry research shows that nearly 90 percent of people who are searching for a home to purchase look for properties on the Internet, not in a conventional newspaper. This is an incentive to learn the top sites where investors and buyers surf and make sure you know their clicking patterns. This is not an exact science, so the same formula will not work for everyone. It is worth it, though, to know where people go to look for properties and plan to make an impressive showing there with attractive photos, enticing descriptions and a little bit of knowledge about SEO best practices.

Videos and Endorsements

Many homeowners do not think about how many investors buy into endorsements. Beyond the actual home you are trying to pitch to buyers, neighborhoods also sell. Why not make a video of your neighbors telling what they love the most about your street or your immediate community? Match this with a tour video of the home’s interior, and you have a winning sales pitch. Place the video on a regional web page for more exposure.

Leverage Web Traffic

The power of social media is steadily increasing. Chances are you have already built solid relationships across several social media platforms. Why not build a blog or website dedicated to the sale of your house and use social media posts to drive traffic. Letting your network take the journey towards the sale with you is a tried and tested way to keep people buzzing and investors listening.

If you want to sell your home without an agent, it may be good to find ways to sell outside of the normal channels. Because so many people check email, connect with friends and shop using their smartphones, it is wise to take advantage of the buyer audience you can build on the Internet. Your house can be sold quicker than you might imagine.

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